SEASON 2019/2020

Medals handed out by the pandemic

A historical season, to be sure. Not due to athletic conduct, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, which was unprecedented and lead to a sudden ending of the season during the regular round. It was reason for much controversy, especially since the medals were handed out as per table. Asseco Arka did not loose much due to that, but could have gained significantly nontheless.

Let's start from the start, when a pandemic was something to fear in a SF film. A lot of players left, 6 in total: James Florence, Deividas Dulkys, Marcus Ginyard, Marcel Ponitka, Adam Łapeta and Robert Upshaw. Some stars remained - Josh Bostic and Krzysztof Szubarga. Adam Hrycaniuk returned to his Gdynia home as well. We had four more US players available at the time: Ben Emelogu, DeVonte Upson, Phil Greene IV and Leyton Hammonds.

The beginning of the season looked good. Four wins were marred by the loss with GTK Gliwice. Bostic peformed admirably, along with the indispensible Krzysztof Szubarga.

In the meantime, 7DAYS EuroCup became a concern. It was the Eurpoean play which astonished most. After the last years balance of 1-9, nobody believed in major progress. However, after four matches... there was only a single loss against Unicaja Malaga. The yellow-and-blues became the kings of the away match, with three victories to their named. The underdog showed his skill.

Coach Frasunkiewicz warned, however, that the road to success is still long. The squad, still new, suffered from an injury of Phil Green - which put a quick end to the good start. Until the end of the group phase, there were no more reasons to celebrate, with Asseco achieving 6th place with a balance of 3-7.

The Polish courts were a mixed bag. Derby in Trójmiasto gave us a double win against Trefl Sopot, but losses against Anwil Włocławek, Stelmet Zielona Góra and Polski Cukier Toruń (once in the League, once in the Polish Cup). It became clear that a boos will be needed in order to fight for the medal. The team took in Kyndall Dykes, a forward and a tall center - Mickell Gladness. The first became a fan favorite. The American played two matches and managed to score 23 points total.

And when Arka Asseco seemed to be getting back on track in their fight for the medal, the dream crushed. The coronavirus became the only victor.