SEASON 2018/2019

The American Dream

For the very first time in three years, a foreigner has joined the team. The goal was clear - return to medals in the Polish championships. True stars joined the team. Josh Bostic, known in all of Europe, along with James Florence - a great playmaker, who gained fame playing for Stelmet Zielona Góra. Marcus Ginyard and Robert Upshaw completed the picture.

Playoffs were simply not enough. Medals were the goal, even if not everyone was ready to admit that, a result of the previous two years when Asseco Arka fell into the background. This began to change, eventually. Week after week the team was pushing ahead, leaving other teams of Energa Basket Liga behind. Bostic-Florence led the charge. Florence's throws from mid court became a trademark. Bostic, on the other hand, was not only an excellent thrower, but also a great defender. The indestructible team captain Krzysztof Szubarga added some spice to the mix. The regular phase was finished with a 25-5 balance, with additional 12 wins leading the team to the finale.

It is worthy of remembering that team Frasunkiewicz's team also joined the international circuit - the club received an invite from the 7DAYS EuroCup. Of the 10 matches played, the yellow-and-blues won only one (on their home turf, against the French Limoges). It was agreed that it was a time of gathering experience, to be capitalised on back in the home country. It came as a surprise that Asseco Arka faced a great challenge in the quarterfinals. After two easy wins at Gdynia against Legia Warszawa, the team lost against that very team twice in a row. Fifth match saw a great skill showcased by the furious Gdynia, who ended up in the best four teams. Returning to the finale game seemed only a formality. However, the great return of Wrocław saw Asseco Arka Gdynia ending up with a bronze medal.

A consolation prize came in the form of a two-match against Stelmet Enea BC Zielona Góra. Suffering from a lot of injuries, Gdynia seemed to be spent. The 77:95 loss was almost at hand, when team captain Krzysztof Szubarga managed to rally the team. Even without Josh Bostic, Arka won against Stelmet 105:80. The end of the game saw tears and champagne flowing. Asseco Arka returned to the league podium after seven years.