SEASON 2017/2018

A measure of acceptable mediocrity

If one was looking for the very definition of mediocrity, one would need to travel not so far, to the season 2017/2018 and witness Asseco Arka Gdynia. A balance of 17-15 in the regular seasons, performing well in front of their own crowd and less so in away matches was the reality. Reorganization continued in Gdynia, along with the attempts to make off to the playoffs. It was yet to be, especially so when the previous season and remaining in high-play was seen as a success. Asseco Arka was not yet there.

A lot of young faces appeared, along with some veterans - Krzysztof Szubarga and Piotr Szczotka. The oldest was the 24 year old Filip Put. The team was still learning each other, basing their skills on Polish basket (second season in a row). It found it's way to the league courts, two places above their previous rank. Being 11 did not allow for the playoffs, but was a sign of things to come.