SEASON 2014/2015

Locally strong

Rebuilding the team, which was still to be based around the idea of combining the old with the young, made setting goals difficult. Asseco step after step was to return to its glory days, but all were aware that it would take time.

League play were back to its old, timed and true rhythm. The playoffs were to see the 8 best teams of the regular season. It proved a chance for Gdynia to play with the best. In terms of playing on their home turf, Asseco was unstoppable. What is interesting three losses out of 15 home games did not occur with any of the top teams. All of the top league players were defeated (PGE Turów Zgorzelec, Stelmet Zielona Góra, AZS Koszalin, Energa Czarni Słupsk, Ślask Wrocław and Trefl Sopot). A great balance in front of the home crowd was evened out by the away matches, which saw the team on the 7th place.

For the third time in a rawo, Asseco was against Stelmet. Just as previously, Zielona Góra gave Gdynia no chance, with only one loss to their name. Even star player AJ Walton was unable to change the tide. Gdynia once again did not reach the podium.