SEASON 2013/2014

Starting anew

The club resigning from the A Euroleague licence, which would guarantee their inclusion in the competition, allowed to participate in the national championships. The club also underwent Organizational changes. The long-time owner and sponsor of Asseco Prokom, Ryszard Krauze, left. The new sponsor became the biggest Polish and one of the biggest European IT companies - Asseco Poland as well as the City of Gdynia.

The changes affected the sports goals as well. The team has undergone changes from the grounds up. Locating, creating and developing young talent became paramount, especially of young Polish players. David Dedka became head coach.

No specific targets are laid out before the team, except for full commitment, good play and progress in perfecting their skills. A big change in comparison to the 9 years of Polish championships.

A new idea takes hold of combining experience and youth, so that the younger players are taught by the basketball seniors.

Since the beginning of the season Gdynia was destined to be devoured by the much stronger opponents. After a tough beginning, Asseco Gdynia began regaining fan confidence. With a 11:11 balance, the first part of the regular season left them at 7th place. The playoffs were next, where Gdynia won seven out of ten matches.

The team, still regaining strength, met in the quarter finals the Polish champions - Stelmet Zielona Góra. Despite the specialists foreseeing Lublin winning without a single problem, Asseco went down with only a single point behind.