SEASON 2010/2011

European loss and the 8th in-country win

The previous success did not prove sufficient to make its authors - Qyntel Woods and David Logan - stay in the team. For Woods, that was only a half year departure. The US player had problems with fitting in with his new club, which resulted in his comeback.

Another challenge other than the Polish matches (Supercup, league, Polish Cup) and the Euroleague were the United League VTB matches, which saw top teams of Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Finland, Estonia and Latvia. That meant a minimum of 60 matches in a span of just a couple of months!

Such pressure was reflected in the team's attitude. The international arenas saw 5 matches won - 3 in the VTB, 2 in the Euroleague. With 15 losses, that meant not leaving the group. This defeat needed to be balanced back in the country.

The first match of the season was for the Supercup. Asseco Prokom defeated AZS Koszalin 89:78, payback for the loss from last year's Polish Cup. The league season did not saw Gdynia dominating as hard as they did previously. Gone were the days of the impressive series of wins with barely a loss, which this time they were 5. It was enough to grant them the first place in the playoffs.

In the quarterfinals (against AZS Koszalin) and the half-finals (against Czarni Słupsk) the team lost one game for each. The finale was the most exciting, when Asseco Prokom fought against Turów Zgorzelec and were nearly deposed from their place as the Polish Champion. Krzysztof Szubarga proved instrumental in that win.