SEASON 2009/2010

The greatest success in the history of Polish club basketball

The Polish Champions went through the Polish Basketball League like a hot knife through butter. In the regular season they have noted 20 wins. The team remained undefeated for 9 months. Unfortunately, Gdynia quickly dropped off from the championships, which stopped being a priority in comparison to the Euroleague. The regular season ended with only two losses.

The best playoffs in history began. Czarni Słupsk were defeated 3-0, similarly so Trefl Sopot. That was the first Tricity derby in that season. All five fell prey to Asseco Prokom. The same happened in the finale. Gdynia destroyed Anwil Włocławek 4-0. What is interesting, the last 8 years saw both teams fight in the playoffs seven times. Similarly as to the rest of the regular season and the Euroleague matches, the team was led by Qyntel Woods and David Logan. The championship was won after a 10-0 series in the playoffs.

The Euroleague was next. EWE Baskets Oldenburg proved too hard, but the next ten matches saw 4 victories. Wins against Armani Jeans Milano, rematch against the previously mentioned German team and the Real Madrit were followed by a win against Chimki Moskwa. This time Asseco Prokom passed to the TOP16 for the fourth time in the 6-year history of playing in the Euroleague. Something new was also advancing to the second group phase. In the matches against CSKA Moskwa, Unicaja Malaga and Żalgrisem Kowno Gdynia won three times out of six.

The historic quarterfinals became a fact. The Final Four was just a step ahead, by three wins against Olimpiakos Pireus stood in the way. The giant included Theo Papaloukas, Linas Kleiza and Josh Cildress, whose pay totalled 10 million euro a year. That kind of money was outside Asseco Prokom's budget. Gdynia fought till the end and managed only to garner a single win. Despite the loss, Tomas Pacesasa's team was the unquestioned winner of that Euroleague edition. A team which managed to bother and win against CSKA Moskwa, Real Madrit an Olimpiakos.

The fans at the Gdynia Arena said their goodbye to the team at Gdynia Arena with a hearty "Thank you!". For five months, up until the 1st of April 2010, the whole team gave a show of immense skill and emotions.