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SEZON 2003/2004

The birth of the champion

After two silver medal in a row on the home turf, gold was the only option. Making improvements was hard, since the club budget was cut, which resulted in a rotational revolution. Prokom could only count on the fighter - Goran Jagodnik and the developing Filip Dylewicz. Two defenders were added - Andrzej Pluta and Lithuanian playmaker Tomas Pacesasa. Trefl had playmaker worth the money, finally.

The regular season was not the best, but the playoffs were entered in the "pole position" The first chance to show character was in the half-finals. Sopot players stood against Anwil Włocławek, their last year's nemesis. The key was the fourth match (2-1 for Anwil at that time) at the Champion's Hall at Włocławek. The guests won 73:66 thanks to 24 points and 13 rebounds by Goran Jagodnik. The main competition at Sopot was the game of his life for Tomas Pacesas. The Lithuanian threw 29 points, which allowed Trefl to enter the finales for the third time.

Sopot lost the first match against Worcław, with their way barred by Andrej Urlep himself, the undefeated champ. After the charismatic Slovenian the most impressive figure wore number 15 and his name was TOmas Pacesas. It was the time for the Polish overlord to rise.