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SEASON 1998/1999

A new deck and the great Prokom!

An exciting year with many different emotions. On one hand, after their debuting season in the ekstraclass the appetite remained unsatiated. The players who were the basis of the team last year left. Only few remained, Przemysław Frasunkiewicz among them. During that season almost 20 players came and went, 10 foreigners among them! Most came for tests. One became especially worthy of remembering - Kenny Williams. He became the star immediately, with an average of 24 points per match.

That was not enough, however. The goal of going into the playoffs has not been met, very much so due to rotational issues. The team lacked stability, also in the financial department. That was fixed in December when Ryszard Krauze and Prokom Software SA became the main sponsor. It was the the of Prokom Trefl Sopot.