He is 40 years old but - in his own words - has a lot to prove yet. What will be the role for Filip Dylewicz in our Polish team? One thing is certain - he is back in Gdynia to complete his career in Asseco Arka. But will it conclude this season?

Is this the final season for Filip Dylewicz?
It seems so. It is too early to make any final statements, but the media has already called the last dance for me. All depends on whether this season is really good or really bad for me...

So you neither confirm nor deny?
The important thing is to achieve success here in Gdynia, where it all started and where it may yet end. Time will tell whether it is the final season.

The dream of coming back has been fulfilled?
There was no other place for me to end my career. This place is my home, which I treasure above all else. I am happy that I get to end my run amongst the people with whom I shared my greatest successes. I can't imagine forcing myself to go around the country in search of a new club.

The club is celebrating it's 25th year of existence and it would be hard to find another character as closely related as you.
So it happened that most of my years have been tied to Tricity.

17, if my count is correct.
For many, I am the face of Tricity basketball, with a lot of years being close with Sopot. But these are not my words, but of those who are adamant to put a label on me. As a pro, I stay neutral. Sport is my workplace. Priorities have changed, however, and I am glad to be home.

You can't say "no" when Asseco Arka calls.
I am happy that somebody still wants me in the team, which has been formulated by mixing the experience with raw, youthful energy.

Will this be a surprise to your rivals?
It will be a weird season for all teams. Our previous years may be an indication that an all-Polish team is bound to fail. As much quality as the foreign players bring, it stays true only when these players come with experience, and not straight from the Universities.

Will it be easier for the team to bond due to that?
When you have 8 players who score 10 points per match, that is excellent chemistry. Such a team will be a threat to everyone, country of origin be damned.

You definitely must be hearing opinions that Filip Dylewicz is getting quite long in the tooth.
But he still feels that there is a lot to be achieved. Recently I played a 3 vs 3 against Karol Gruszecki. He called out "Pass it, Dylu's covering me, this will be easy!". Some might take it as an offence, but it served to motivate me. Dylewicz is still in the game and is willing to show it. "Do your best, try, prove it, do it!" is playing constantly in my head.

Can the body catch up?
I am fully aware of my age and how many matches I played, but also of what I can offer to the team. I hear from people I have known for years that they are happy for me to be here, and will attend the matches only because of that. That's a huge boost.

Family also seems to motivate your ambition.
There is nothing better than seeing your kids, a part of yourself, being proud of what you're doing. The last two seasons were lost not only for me, but also for my kids. It makes me want to prove myself in their eyes as well. Makes you motivated, even at my age.

Preparing oneself for a 40 year old is different in comparison to what you experienced earlier?
To be honest, I have been a full professional for 5 years. It's important to make the proper conclusions and learn from them. Being in full understanding with your body. I used to ignore signals sent by my body, or was incapable of receiving them at all. Now, it is unthinkable to me to get out on the training without stretching. Maybe that's why I'm still running at my age.

Can we expect that the league record of 671 matches played by Dariusz Parzenski will be beaten by Filip Dylewicz? Only 21 matches to go.
Hell yeah. But it's a secondary objective.

What Kind of player will Filip Dylewicz be?
I intend to be true to myself. I am part of a larger organism. I hope that it will be enough. I want to be the best in the team. That is my aim and I will do everything to realise it. I am capable of realising it. If my health allows, I will do all that is possible to achieve that.