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The coronavirus pandemic which rages across the world has led to a situation in which the future and financial foundations of all professional sport hangs in the balance. Suspending the NBA and pushing forward by a year of the Euro 2020 soccer championship have become a sad reality. The issue has also touched our own, national basketball championships.

By the decision of Zarząd Polskiej Ligi Koszykówki from 17th of March 2020, due to the introduction of the epidemiological threat in Poland, the Energa Basket Liga in the 2019/2020 season has been immediately concluded. This is without precedence in Polish basketball. According to the Board of PLK SA, there is no doubt that ending the season has been necessary due to a effects of a higher power, both in terms of the law as well as the more common understanding of the term.

We wish to thank our fans and sponsors, who have remained supportive in this time. It is you who give us the energy and who are the motivation for further development. It is you who give us the will to fight, to fulfill our sport and organizational objectives.

Such radical moves by the League - which are necessary due to the pandemic - show us fully the scale of the threat and the problems we face. By working together, all clubs of the PLK, we realize the consequences that that we face us an organization, clubs, agents, coaches and players. In the shade of the upcoming financial crisis (it has been confirmed that the money in the upcoming season in the basketball will be severely limited), which we cannot foresee just yet, we are committing to actions which should limit the losses of all parties.

Both the clubs, as well as coaches and players are required to financially end the season. Each of the Energa Basket Liga clubs will suffer heavy financial losses. It will mean not fully fulfilling the contractual obligations to the players and coaches which were planned for the 2019/2020 season.

We are aware that these solutions are not good for any of the sides. We would like to reinforce the fact that such measures are taken in order to avoid the bankruptcy of the club due to the involvement of a higher power and in order to allow the clubs the chance to survive this time of crisis and stay active in the Polska Liga Koszykówki.

In accordance with all the Energa Basket Liga clubs - Gdyński Klub Koszykówki Arka SA.