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1D 21H 42M 57S
Asseco Arka Gdynia left for the German Oldenburg for their inauguration of the 7DAYS EuroCup new season. Coach Frasunkiewicz's team begun their match on the modest side, loosing the first quarter 14:23, but in due time their skills sharpened. Even up until the break, Gdynia was loosing, but the tide turned after the break, when the following quarters werw on 22:16, 23:18 and the overall match - 78:74.

The team was on the balanced side through the court. Josh Bostic had a fantastic match (21 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals), supported by Adam Hrycaniuk (10 points, 4 rebounds), Leyton Hammonds (12 points, 4 rebounds) and Devonte Upson (8 points, 7 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block).

The silent heroes of the match were the universal Ben Emelogu (12 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block), the fierce Bartłomiej Wołoszyn (7 points, 1 assist) and the first passer, captain Krzysztof Szubarga (2 points, 1 rebound, 7 assists).

Gdynia did not begin strongly, but minute by minute they were regaining territory, thanks to Bostic's aggressive play and fan cheering.

In the first quarter, Bostic was the main force behind the offense, assisted by Phillip Greene (6 points, 1 rebound) and after two free throws by Hammonds, the yellow-and-blues were only a single points behind EWE. That was the moment when the hosts tigtened their defenses and ultimately, the quarter ended 23:14.

The next quarter saw a much more confident play on the side of the away team. Arka was still far from being ahead, but the change was picking up. Greene and Bostic remained active, while Wołoszyn and the backcourt worked hard in the defense. Asseco was loosing 33:40 until the break.

After the break, Gdynia picked some wind in its sail. Bostic was doing wonders in the offense, whereas Emelogu was finding his way to the hoop one time after another. Asseco won the third quarter (22:16) and finally confirmed its victory in the fourth (23:18). Szubarga and Hammonds had an amazing final attack. The first one provided a great pass, whereas the second turned it into a three pointer which ended with Asseco Arka Gdynia winning over Ewe Basket Oldenburg (78:74).

Asseco showed today its skill, winning its first 7DAYS EuroCup match. The loud cheering coming from the fans definitely helped.

Next up, on the 4th of October at 17:30 at Gdynia Arena, time for the derby with Trefl Sopot. Please feel invited. We are Asseco!

EWE Baskets Oldenburg - Asseco Arka Gdynia 74:78 (23:14, 17:19, 16:22, 18:23)

EWE Baskets Oldenburg: Paulding 21, Mahalbasic 15, Boothe 8, Hobbs 7, Blakes 6, Sears 6, Amaize 5, Kessen 2, Mcclain 2, Tadda 2, Isemann 0, Schwethelm 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Bostic 21, Emelogu 12, Hammonds 12, Hrycaniuk 10, Upson 8, Wołoszyn 7, Greene 6, Szubarga 2, Czerlonko 0, Kamiński 0, Wyka 0