The yellow-and-blues are still having trouble getting their head in the game, and appear to be in crisis mode. Asseco Arka Gdynia recently was defeated in the EBL by BM Slam Stal Ostrów Wielkopolski 69:71 and the same result was repeated against Toruń 65:80.

Weakened by some of the core players, the hosts seemed to be an easy target. However, Asseco lacked the energy, earned 20 losses and had a weak accuracy in 3 point throws (24.1%).

The first points by the guests were gathered with a dunk by Devonte Upson (11 points, 1 assist, 1 steal, 2 blocks). Josh Bostic (15 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 blocks) added two more throws, followed up by three points by Krzysztof Szubarga (5 points, 1 rebound, 4 assists, 1 steal). Toruń was constantly one step ahead though, which resulted in the first quarter being lost by Arka 17:22.

The "Gingerbread Men" increased their advantage in the second quarter even more so. Four points were claimed for Arka by Armani Moore (11 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal), but it was followed up with silence for two long minutes. Gdynia was unable to cope. Adam Hrycaniuk (3 points, 2 rebounds) scored some free throws, Leyton Hammonds (2 points, 5 rebounds) scored another two points, Bostic added 2 x 3 throws, but that was pretty much it. The hosts were on a roll and left for the break with 43:34 to their name.

Arka fans were on a lookout for a sing of change, but that never came. After a short break and Ben Emelogu's (11 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists) three pointer, it was the first half all over again. Moore, Bostic and Bartłomiej Wołoszyn (2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal) attempted some attacks, but Gdynia seemed hopeless for most of the time. Toruń was on the other side of that spectrum, assuming full control over the match. The third quarter was ended with 51:62 for Toruń.

The fourth quarter continued the hosts supremacy, but there were some stumbling points. Moore remained active in Arka, joined by Upson and Emelogu, as well as Marcin Malczyk (3 points) and Wojciech Czerlonko (2 points,2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 1 block) at the very end. Toruń kept the yellow-and-blues at a distance, not allowing the advantage to lower below 10 points. In the end, Asseco Arka Gdynia lost against Polski Cukier Toruń 65:80.

Another loss for the yellow-and-blues and another match where Asseco's players appear to be lacking in energy in motivation. Hopefully they will revive before the 13th of November for the 7DAYS EuroCup, a journey to Malaga and a game against the stron Unicaja.

Polski Cukier Toruń - Asseco Arka Gdynia 80:65 (20:17, 21:17, 19:17, 18:14)

Polski Cukier Toruń: Aminu 24, Hornsby 20, Cel 9, Wright 9, Perka 5, Weaver 4, Grochowski 3, Diduszko 2, Kondraciuk 2, Ratajczak 2, Chojnacki 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Bostic 15, Emelogu 11, Moore 11, Upson 11, Szubarga 5, Hrycaniuk 3, Malczyk 3, Czerlonko 2, Hammonds 2, Wołoszyn 2, Kamiński 0, Wyka 0