Weakened by the lack of Krzysztof Szubarga, Asseco Arka could not stand up to Zastal Enea BC Zielona Góra. Gdynia lost with a 46 point difference to the current Polish champion.

Unfortunately, as with the match against Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz, we went in without the injured Krzysztof Szubarga. The coaching staff was also missing a member - coach assistant Kamil Sadowski could not come. Without their leader, the yellow-and-blue's were in big trouble.

Zielona Gora, utilizing the great aim of Rolands Freimanis and great passes from Marcel Ponitka, jumped ahead quickly. Przemyslaw Zolnierewicz did his best, but could not close the gap. After 10 minutes, the hosts were quite far ahead - 21:15.

In the second quarter, coach Zana Tabaka and his team went into second gear. Three pointers were delivered by Iffe Lundberg and Janis Berzinsow, Kris Richard entered from the bench, Ponitka was getting assist after assist. The weakened Gdynia could not keep up. When the break came, it was 49:23 for Zastal.

The second half did not bring major changes to the game. The locals were stacking points. The losses could not be overcome, so coach Frasunkiewicz allowed the juniors and replacement players to join the fray - Michal Pluta, Marcin Malczyk, Maciej Marcinkowski and Mateusz Kaszowski. The match ended with a high victory for Zastal - 104:58.

Next match will take place on Friday, 13th of November at 17:35. Asseco Arka Gdynia will play against PGE Spojnia Stargard.

Zastal Enea BC Zielona Góra - Asseco Arka Gdynia 104:58 (21:15, 28:8, 31:10, 24:25)

Zastal Enea BC Zielona Góra: Berzins 19, Groselle 14, Lundberg 13, Richard 11, Ponitka 10, Freimanis 9, Put 9, Williams 9, Koszarek 8, Porada 2, Dereziński 0, Traczyk 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Witliński 19, Żołnierewicz 10, Czerlonko 7, Pluta 6, Wadowski 5, Malczyk 3, Dylewicz 2, Hrycaniuk 2, Marcinkowski 2, Wołoszyn 2, Kaszowski 0