Asseco Arka lost to Arged BM Slam Stal Ostrow Wielkopolski 54:87 with 4 injuries on their plate. Next match will be held this Sunday.

Injuries plague our team once again. Base players were out of the game: Krzysztof Szubarga (back pain), Igor Wadowski (biceps), Mateusz Kaszowski (ankle) and Mikolaj Witlinski ( light injury following Friday training). Coach Frasunkiewicz had to make due, which had tragic consequences.

In the first minutes, Adam Hrycaniuk and Wojciech Czerlonko allowed us to jump ahead... but that was it. Three throws from Jakub Garbacz and Chris Smith's great performance saw them win the first part of the game 28:16. Tragically, Przemyslaw Zolnierewicz became injured in the 8th minute and was not able to continue.

With more players on their side, the hosts did not relinquish their advantage and there was little our team could do about it. Despite a good performance by Bartlomiej Woloszyn and young Pluta, the break saw us losing by 17 points (30:47).

The 18-year old Pluta remained the best thrower on our side. As did his dad in year past - Andrzej - Michal managed to outplay the players which covered him and dispensed in great passes. That was not enough to save the game, however, and the team lost at Ostrow Wielkopolski 54:87. 7-10 is our current balance. Next match will occur after Christmas on the 27th of December at 17:35, when we will face off against Pszczolka Start Lublin.

BM Slam Stal Ostrów Wlkp. - Asseco Arka Gdynia 87:54 (28:16, 19:14, 25:17, 15:7)

BM Slam Stal Ostrów Wlkp.: Garbacz 22, Smith 15, Green 11, Lindbom 8, Sobin 8, Ryżek 7, Mokros 6, Dymała 4, Nawrot 4, Pławucki 2, King 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Hrycaniuk 13, Pluta 11, Wołoszyn 11, Czerlonko 5, Malczyk 5, Dylewicz 4, Kowalczyk 3, Żołnierewicz 2, Marcinkowski 0, Wadowski 0