Asseco Arka did not manage to overcome Pszczolka Start Lublin and lost 61:76. Despite the score, much of the game was very promising to our team.

With our new players in tow, the team went south-east for a duel against the silver medalist of the previous campaign. Our rotation was still limited, with coach Przemyslaw Frasunkiewicz having only 9 players to his team, including teenagers.

In the fifth minute, both Jakub Kobel and Michal Kolodziej showed themselves in the yellow-and-blue colours. The first premiered his first points for our team. The hosts, however, were equally as efficient, thus the solo actions of Michal Pluta and Adam Hrycaniuk did not do much good. The first quarter finished with us losing 11:19.

The stalemate continued. Even Filip Dylewicz and his long range capability were not enough. The 13th minute brought on a change, with Lublin being "only" 15 points ahead. Coach Frasunkiewicz demanded a break, after which the situation on the court changed dramatically. "Dylu" and Bartlomiej Woloszyn brought in a comeback. After a quick counter and points by Marcin Kowalczyk, the score changed to 32:35 and with that the teams went for a break. Kobel did wonderfully, being our best scorer.

After the break, our rivals regained control. A smart play by Kamil Laczynski saw them increase the advantage. The yellow-and-blues did not relent, however, and even before the last quarter they managed to keep up (49:59).

Willpower was not the issue that day. Rotation and strength reserves were, seeing only the 7 points of our reserve players. The most important three pointers went to the opponent's Netherland's player - Yannick Franke. After a decent match, Asseco Arka lost to Lublin Pszczolka Start 61:76. Now we must focus on the next match, which will happen during the Tricity derby. The match will take place this Wednesday at 8 PM.

Pszczółka Start Lublin - Asseco Arka Gdynia 76:61 (19:11, 16:21, 24:17, 17:12)

Pszczółka Start Lublin: Dziemba 16, Franke 14, Łączyński 14, Borowski 9, Laksa 8, Szymański 8, Pelczar 3, Jeszke 2, Sharma 2, Dorsey-walker 0, Gospodarek 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Dylewicz 17, Kobel 14, Wołoszyn 11, Hrycaniuk 9, Kaszowski 3, Pluta 3, Kołodziej 2, Kowalczyk 2, Malczyk 0, Wadowski 0