Three minutes before the end the game was still tied, however, our team was still unable to garner their first win this year. Asseco Arka lost to GTK Gliwice 89:97.

Piotr Blechacz's debut as the head coach of our team came around the away match against Gliwice. Sunday's game was unique for one more reason: Filip Dylewicz met the record of matches played set by Dariusz Parzeński. We congratulate "Dylu" and hope that it will strengthen him in the matches to come.

In the first quarter we managed to stay ahead thanks to the offense-driven rebounds by Adam Hrycaniuk. The hosts, however, had Jordon Varnado in their midst, who seemed to be everywhere. Szymon Szymanski and Shannon Bogues were scoring accurately and after the first quarter, we were 9 points behind (17:26).

The start of the second quarter was a heavy hit delivered by our team. Three pointers delivered by Jakub Kobel and Marcin Malczyk saw the loss drop to one point. Filip Dylewicz scored another two of those, and our team was finally in the lead (31:30). From that moment on, the match evened out. The 40-year old, along with Igor Wadowski and the ever-active Hrycaniuk allowed Gdynia to truly fight for a win. Piotr Blechacz and his team were slightly behind at the time of the break 45:46.

After the break, the hosts were in a better spot. The yellow-and-blues, however, were not far behind. Bartlomiej Woloszyn was the prime scorer, whilst Michal Kolodziej startet gaining speed. Before the last quarter, the score was 71:66, which still gave hope for a win.

Thanks to the incredible Woloszyn, our team saw opportunity to strike and increased the momentum. When the Polish forward score his fifth three pointer this match, the scoreboard showed 85:85. Unfortunately, the hosts got the last laugh. Woloszyn, whose total points this match amounted to 28, was riposted by Varnado, while Terry Henderson aimed from afar at a crucial point. Despite their potential, the yellow-and-blues did not manage to turn things around. Asseco Arka lost in Gliwice against GTK 89:97. Next match will take place in a week against King Szczecin.

GTK Gliwice - Asseco Arka Gdynia 97:89 (26:17, 20:28, 25:21, 26:23)

GTK Gliwice: Varnado 25, Bogues 20, Henderson 16, Szewczyk 12, Szymański 11, Gołębiowski 10, Diduszko 2, Wiśniewski 1, Adamczak 0, Heliński 0, Korczyk 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Wołoszyn 28, Dylewicz 17, Hrycaniuk 16, Kołodziej 10, Wadowski 6, Malczyk 5, Kobel 4, Kaszowski 3, Kowalczyk 0, Pluta 0, Walkowiak 0, Witliński 0