Next game:
Asseco Arka Gdynia
WKS Śląsk Wrocław
2D 11H 58M 17S
King Szczecin has prevailed. Not even Filip Dylewicz and his great disposition could change that. Our team lost 50:82.

Coach Piotr Blechacz and his team headed to Stargard for a match against King. Szczecin's own court is currently utilized as a temporary hospital in the fight against COVID-19. The opposing team has been recently boosted by Maciej Lampe and Tookie Brown. As it stands, it is becoming clear who will be the one to fight for the medal and who will struggle to keep up in the league.

Szczecin started with an atomic punch by Cleveland Melvin. The US player in less than 3 minutes managed 4 3-pointers. King played hard and fast, which stumbled our team. Coach Blechacz kept rotating the team and the Croatian Karlo Vragović entered the game in the fifth minute. Mikolaj Witlinski played as well, returning from an injury. It was not enough, which saw the quarter end with 24:10.

Bartlomiej Woloszyn, Igor Wadowski and Filip Dylewicz scored from time to time, but not enough. The team from Szczecin dominated, especially so Michael Fakuade and Dustin Ware. The break saw us losing with an 18 point difference (24:42). The Achilles heel of our team was accuracy, which was barely 27%.

"Bad luck, just bad luck" commented Radoslaw Spiak during the match and he was not wrong, as Igor Wadowski had suffered an injury. He managed to get back to the game, but it quickly became apparent that he was not able to play anymore. The iron defense of the opposing team was impenetrable. Both teams let the game go, with the coaches testing out some new tactical settings. In the end, the loss was inevitable. The next match will take place on Saturday, 20:00, against Legia Warszawa.

King Szczecin - Asseco Arka Gdynia 82:50 (24:10, 18:14, 20:16, 20:10)

King Szczecin: Melvin 19, Ware 16, Fakuade 15, Czerlonko 9, Brown 6, Thomas 5, Zębski 5, Bartosz 4, Schenk 3, Kikowski 0, Lampe 0, Wilczek 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Dylewicz 16, Hrycaniuk 7, Wołoszyn 7, Kaszowski 6, Wadowski 5, Witliński 4, Pluta 3, Kobel 2, Kołodziej 0, Malczyk 0, Vragović 0, Walkowiak 0