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Our team lost to Legia Warszawa at their own court 83:92. The 40-year old Filip Dylewicz, you have our congratulations for beating the Polish ekstraklasa record!

Saturday, 23rd of January 2021 will be a date long remembered in Polish basketball. Filip Dylewicz has beat the record for most matches played in the PLK. The previous record holder was Dariusz Parzeński (672). Before the first whistle, a high quality watch was presented to "Dylu".

Most of the first quarter belonged to the away team's Jamal Morris. Thanks to him, Legia maintained an advantage. Our team kept up, with Mikołaj Witliński remaining active on both sides of the court. After 10 minutes, we were losing but only by 1 point (15:16).

The opposing team enjoyed high accuracy in long range throws - Lester Medford, Grzegorz Kaminski and Jakub Karolak in particular. Dylewicz and Hrycaniuk attempted to riposte, but their actions did little to stay Legia's hand. We went to break with 35:44.

In the third quarter, our team started taking back some points. It seemed in the beginning that the guests would maintain speed, but the back end of the quarter saw phenomenal play on our part. Michal Kolodziej closed the deal, as did Mateusz Kaszowski with his three-pointer. Bartlomiej Woloszyn and Dylewicz continued performing well, which in the end resulted with the fourth quarter beginning with a tied score of 61:61.

Unfortunately, Warsaw realigned, tightened their ranks and the last 10 minutes began with a 5:15 point barrage. Jamel Morris and Lester Medford could not be stopped. That was too much for Gdynia and Asseco Arka, after a decent match, lost to Legia Warszawa 83:92. Next match will take place on Thursday in Dabrowa Gornicza (17:30).

Asseco Arka Gdynia - Legia Warszawa 83:92 (15:16, 20:28, 26:17, 22:31)

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Wołoszyn 22, Hrycaniuk 16, Dylewicz 15, Wadowski 11, Witliński 9, Kaszowski 3, Kobel 3, Kołodziej 2, Vragović 2, Kowalczyk 0, Malczyk 0, Pluta 0

Legia Warszawa: Medford 35, Morris 26, Karolak 15, Kulka 5, Neal 5, Kamiński 3, Linowski 2, Watson 1, Didier-urbaniak 0, Sadowski 0, Wyka 0