The gingerbread turned sour for us. Asseco Arka lost to Polski Cukier 72:88. The focus moves to the Suzuki Puchar Polski.

Torun came to Gdynia Arena on a cold, Sunday evening, the only team in the League who did not manage a single away win. After a series of losses, the team was not in a good mood, which could be seen especially so in the 4th quarter.

The opening belonged to Piotr Blechacz and his boys, who quickly came ahead after hits from Bartlomiej Woloszyn, Karlo Vragovic and Adam Hrycaniuk. The guests regained composure quickly, mainly thanks to the dynamic duo of Donavan Jackson - Aaron Cel, who first managed a tie, and then pushed ahead, ending the match in 23:21.

The pain train did not stop there. Keyshawn Woods and Obi Trotter showed how lethal they could be. Our team was struggling to gain some offensive tracking, with only 10 points gained at this point. We were losing 31:38 at the end of the second quarter. Only six 2-pointer throws out of 24 attempts our team made managed to find their way into the net.

We came back in high spirits and a lot of faith. Igor Wadowski in particular, who after a mediocre first half opened up with 7 points in a row. A tie was made. Both teams concentrated on defense, which resulted in a 50:55 score by the end of the third. Filip Dylewicz deserves a commendation, as he also delivered 7 points in rapid succession. Among the Torun team, however, Woods was still on a roll.

The assault wavered, however. The away team started delivering three pointers, and Gdynia was not able to react appropriately. After shots made by Damian Kulig, Donavan Jackson and center Carlton Bragg, the Torun team came ahead by a lot of points. That buried our chances of a win, and so, Asseco Arka lost to Polski Cukier Torun 72:88. Not a lot of time to regenerate - this Thursday we will face off in the quarterfinals of the Lublin Suzuki Puchar Polski against Enea Zastal BC Zielona Gora. We hope for your support!

Asseco Arka Gdynia - Polski Cukier Toruń 72:88 (21:23, 10:15, 19:17, 22:33)

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Witliński 14, Wołoszyn 12, Dylewicz 9, Hrycaniuk 8, Wadowski 8, Vragović 7, Kobel 6, Kołodziej 5, Kaszowski 3, Kowalczyk 0, Malczyk 0, Pluta 0

Polski Cukier Toruń: Woods 22, Jackson 16, Cel 14, Kulig 10, Bragg 7, Diduszko 6, Ramljak 6, Trotter 4, Samsonowicz 3, Kondraciuk 0, Perka 0, Wieluński 0