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Asseco Arka Gdynia
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2D 12H 52M 11S
Asseco Arka did not manage to surprise in their match against Enea Zastal BC Zielona Gora. The away team won in Gdynia 104:76, although up until the break their advantage was no larger than 8 points.

March will be an intensive time for the yellow-and-blues. There are 5 matches to be played through 18 days, which will be the end of the regular season of the Energa Basket Liga and an end of the season for us, unfortunately. Enea Zastal was the first team for this marathon, who just a couple days ago defeated Chimki Moscow in the united VTB league.

Coach Piotr Blechacz asked for a time out almost 240 seconds after the first whistle, when Kris Richard put in two three-pointers and Skyle Bowlin added some more, making the guests jump ahead 4:10. After that, we showered the opposing team in long-range throws. Bartlomiej Woloszyn scored, as did Karlo Vragovic, whereas Jakub Kobel scored twice. We managed to tie the game at 16 points, but that was not all. Michal Kolodziej scored from behind the 6.75 line and we took the lead. Unfortunately, with Filip Puta's points shortly afterwards, the away team one the quarter (20:21).

Ex-Asseco Arka player did not slow down and after a short while had 9 points to his name. The super-reserve Marcin Malczyk riposted, unexpectedly. The ever-popular "Marian" added another two well aimed 3 pointers. The opponent's advantage rose only when the long range throws dried out. Janiz Berzins (11) and Kris Richard (9) managed to build some points for the Zielona Gora team setting the score for them to 48 against our 40.

The guests jumped ahead only after changing sides. Nikos Pappas showed off his skill, whereas Berzins was clearing the scoreboards. Put continued his snipery disposition. Single throws froM Dylewicz, Woloszyn or Mikolaj Witlinski did little to turnd the tide. Right before the end of the third quarter, Zielona Gora was ahead by 21 points - 55:76.

Our coaching staff was trying to motivate the team up till the very end, but the champions did not budge. After the second, worse half, we lost to Enea Zastal 76:104. It was the 25th win for Zielona Gora in the EBL this season. Next match will be held on March 9th, Tuesday, where we will face off against Enea Astoria Bydgoszcz.

Asseco Arka Gdynia - Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra 76:104 (20:21, 20:27, 15:28, 21:28)

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Kobel 13, Witliński 13, Wołoszyn 13, Dylewicz 10, Malczyk 8, Kołodziej 7, Kaszowski 5, Vragović 5, Hrycaniuk 1, Wadowski 1

Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra: Pappas 18, Berzins 15, Put 15, Bowlin 13, Koszarek 12, Richard 11, Sulima 8, Brembly 6, Freimanis 6, Groselle 0, Klocek 0, Traczyk 0