The youth players of our team could not carry the victory of Asseco Arka against Anwil Wloclawek. Our team lost 80:84 against the Rottweilers at Gdynia Arena.

Due to the change of the date of the match against PGE Spojnia Stargard we will play three matches spread over five days. First we took on Anwil Wloclawek, with some familiar faces onboard: coaches Przemyslaw Frasunkiewicz and Kamil Sadowski, as well as player Kyndall Dykes (2 matches in the 19/20 season).

Since the very beginning our players were having trouble in finding their rhythm. Coach Piotr Blechacz quickly included the new Olaf Perzanowski. The popular "Perzan" started on a high note, with points added immediately after a pass from Krzysztof Szubarga. He score once again moments later, but Dykes quickly riposted.. Two 3-pointers were added by Wojcieh Tomaszewski, then a dunk from Ivic Radic and the guests jumped ahead. 5 points in 60 seconds were collected by Mateusz Kaszowski, but we still lost the first quarter 13:19.

After Perzanowski and Kaszowski it was time for another youngster. Marcin Kowalczyk entered the field and quickly showed his high quality. Filip Dylewicz was not slouching off either. Despite the limited rotation and low accuracy, we were fighting fiercely in the defensive. It seemed that we would leave for the break with another lost quarter. "Kasza", however, had other plans. He took the reigns and in the last second scored a 3 pointer, pushing us ahead 31:30. The opponents were visibly shocked at our young player's great disposition.

The score was close to a tie, but clearly favoring the away team. Przemyslaw Zamojski was putting in the hurt, Radic was scoring from afar. Marcin Kowalczyk was not losing hope, but the fact was that before the last quarter, we were once again behind - 54:57.

Despite the best efforts of Kaszowski, Kowalczyk and the rest, it was our opponents who took the lead. Zamojski was ascendent, while Dykes was a constant nuisance in the defense. The match was far from over, however. A minute before the end, after two 3 pointers from Krzysztof Szubarga, we managed a tie at 75 points. Zamojski countered with the same move, which was more than our team could handle. Nowicki scored at the horn, which were his first extraleague points, but it only led to lowering our loss slightly. Final verdict: 80:84 Anwil.

Let's not forget, however: Mateusz Kaszowski (16), Marcin Kowalczyk (11), Olaf Perzanowski (4) and Szymon Nowicki (3) scored collectively 34 points. Good job, gentlemen!

Asseco Arka Gdynia - Anwil Włocławek 80:84 (13:19, 18:11, 23:27, 26:27)

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Dylewicz 18, Kaszowski 16, Kowalczyk 11, Szubarga 11, Kobel 7, Vragović 5, Witliński 5, Perzanowski 4, Nowicki 3, Wadowski 0

Anwil Włocławek: Dykes 20, Zamojski 15, Radić 14, Tomaszewski 12, Washington 11, Jerrells 8, Mielczarek 4, Janiak 0, Jones 0, Komenda 0, Piątek 0