Asseco Arka, despite playing in a smaller team, stood up to PGE Spojnia Stargard. The final result mostly came down to the last minutes, where we just could not push through. On a plus side is the great disposition of our younger players.

The 2020/2021 season is coming to an end with two away matches. The first came in the form of our 3rd visit to Stargard. In January we faced off against King Szczecin. Our second trip took place a week ago. Back then, we were forced to come back to Gdynia due to the COVID tests. Third time's the charm, however, but our rotation was in shambles. Bartlomiej Woloszyn, Michal Kolodziej, Marcin Malczyk and Adam Hrycaniuk were all missing. Due to injuries, Krzysztof Szubarga and Igor Wadowski had to sit on the bench for the whole 40 minutes. The whole situation definitely took its toll, especially in the final moments.

SInce the very beginning our young players showed top quality play. Marcin Kowalczyk was one of the first on the court, followed quickly by Olaf Perzanowski, Mateusz Kaszowski and Szymon Nowicki. The first quarter began with a lot of energy. Vragovic scored from afar, as did Filip Dylewicz, Kaszowski and Perzanowski. In 8 minutes we built a 7 point advantage: 20:13. At the back end, the opposing team took back some losses, but Vragovic closed that part of the game from half-distance. At the end of the first, we were winning 22:16.

The third 3-pointer from Karlo and a dunk by Mikolaj Witlinski were a nice beginning to a bitter conclusion. The next 3 minutes saw us not being able to deliver a single throw. In a short while, Filip Matczak, Mateusz Kostrzewski and Raymond Cowels were having a throwing party galore. The US players shot us with 13 points just in the second quarter. All we were capable off was slowing down the opposing team at times. At break point, we were behind 10 points: 45.35.

The team was determined and attempted to nullify the disadvantage. After three attempts from long range from Perzanowski, Kowalczyk and Kaszowski, we lowered our losses to 6 points. For the next three minutes, neither team was able to core, which meant that hope was not yet lost.

Led mainly by the teenagers, the yellow-and-blues bravely took on the hosts. A couple of times we were just a hair's width away from tying the game. Each time, however, we fell short. Mlynarski and Jay Threatt crushed our hopes. Both aimed well from behind the 6.75 line. They initiated a pointing spree which closed the gates to victory. Our team lost in Stargard 64:80. Our rivals dominated the fight at the baskets (52:30) and aimed significantly better. PGE Spojnia earned its congratulations and we wish them well in the playoffs. Meanwhile, we shall focus on ending the season well and facing off against Hydro Truck Radom this Sunday.

PGE Spójnia Stargard - Asseco Arka Gdynia 80:64 (16:22, 29:13, 9:13, 26:16)

PGE Spójnia Stargard: Cowels 18, Kostrzewski 17, Matczak 17, Młynarski 9, Han 5, Threatt 5, Grudziński 4, Steele 3, Faust 2, Gudul 0, Siewruk 0, Szmit 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Vragović 16, Witliński 11, Dylewicz 10, Kaszowski 10, Perzanowski 8, Kowalczyk 6, Kobel 3, Nowicki 0, Szubarga 0, Wadowski 0