No one can say that our team lacked in determination or willpower. Unfortunately, a tight schedule and a very narrow rotation saw us end the 2020/2021 season with a loss against HydroTruck Radom - 73:84. We thank all our fans for their engagement, even despite the empty seats.

March tends to be the time when our team prepares for the fight in the playoff phase. This year will be different in that particular regard. Coach Piotr Blechacz and his team are ending the season on the 21st of March. For our last match, we traveled to Radom. A win against HydroTruck would give us 14th place in the whole table. Unfortunately, coach Blechacz was unable to utilize the star players - Bartlomiej Woloszyn, Adam Hrycaniuk, Michal Kolodziej and Igor Wadowski. And that is what sealed our fate.

The first 8 points were acquired by Karlo Vragovic. On the opposite side, Dayon Griffin responded in kind, supported by Brett Prahl, Jabari Hinds and Marcin Piechowicz. Further down the line, a 3 pointer was delivered by Olaf Perzanowski and a close-quarters throw by Mikolaj Witlinski. All for naught, as the first quarter was lost 17:23.

The beginning of the second quarter was not a hopeful one. After 120 seconds our loss increased to 10 points, after throws from Daniel Wall. Our basket was barraged with long range throws. Jakub Zalewski added another 2 3-pointers, setting the score to 41:25. Piotr Blechacz asked for a time out and introduced Perzanowski onto the court, who along with Marcin Kowalczyk led somewhat of a comeback. Perzan capped 10 points, while Kowalczyk - 11. The distance was somewhat lowered at the time of the break - 38:45.

After changing sides, we threw everything at the opposing team. Filip Dylewicz scored twice from afar, Krzysztof Szubarga added another 2 points, while Perzanowski gave a show with his impressive dunk. We even managed to gain the lead for a moment (50:49). The hosts, however, took the lead immediately after. Wall, Griffin and Hinds dominated the court 63:61 right before the final quarter.

We fought, we threw, we chased, but the attrition took hold. Radom used their superior physical prowess in the frontcourt, Danilo Ostojic made a double-double. Hinds was showing off in solo-situations. Perzanowski's great performance did not help, despite his very own 20 points (MVP!) and 5 rebounds. THe match ended with an effective faul-dunk combination. Olaf definitely showed great sportsmanship in our team this season. In the end, the 2020/2021 season has concluded for us with a loss against HydroTruck: 73:84. We currently occupy the second to last place in the table with a 8-22 win-loss balance.

We wish to thank you, fans of Asseco Arka Gdynia, for all the support you gave us in the troubling times. We hope that next season, with you occupying seats in at the Gdynia Arena, we will once again create the yellow-and-blue family and witness victories of our players. See you after the summer!

HydroTruck Radom - Asseco Arka Gdynia 84:73 (23:17, 22:21, 18:23, 21:12)

HydroTruck Radom: Hinds 18, Griffin 15, Ostojić 14, Wall 12, Lewandowski 10, Zalewski 8, Piechowicz 3, Prahl 2, Zegzuła 2, Domański 0, Tomaszewski 0

Asseco Arka Gdynia: Perzanowski 20, Vragović 14, Kowalczyk 13, Szubarga 9, Dylewicz 7, Kobel 4, Witliński 4, Kaszowski 2, Nowicki 0, Wadowski 0