The 17-year old Lukasz Walkowiak has entered the main Asseco Arka team. We congratulate him and hope that he will feel at home with the seniors as soon as possible.

The talented center, measuring 206 cm, hails from Wielkopolska. Last season he garnered a bronze medal in the Polish championships for under 18 year olds and a silver medal in the below 20 category. Despite playing on the "fifth" position, he has a mean throwing arm. In the current campaign, whilst serving in the second league ranks under Milos Mitrovic, he has noted an average of 8.5 points, 5.6 rebounds and a decent steal ratio. He stayed an average of 23 minutes per match on the court. After Mikolaj Witlinski injury, the training cadre has decided to put him in the senior team. Once again, welcome aboard!